Clear AdvantageThe Clear AdvantageTM

Risk is everywhere.

It’s out there, waiting to cut into your business’ profitability or your personal savings.

With our unique process we can help you manage that risk, reduce its cost, and maximize your financial position. We call this process The Clear AdvantageTM.

It’s an innovative, four-step approach:

DiscoverThe first step is to discover and fully understand what events or perils can cause financial harm to you or your business.

Using the information gathered during the discovery process, the next step is to design a plan to protect you or your business from financial loss.

Implement Once the plan has been designed and accepted, we work with you or your business to implement the various aspects of the plan.

Monitor Each year we monitor and update your plan because the overall goal of protecting you and your business does not have an ending point.


The Clear AdvantageTM helps you reduce your total cost of risk which makes your business more competitive in the marketplace. It makes your family’s future more secure. It’s something we’ve been offering people like you since 1863.