Clear AdvantageClear Advantage: Benefits

The Clear AdvantageTM is Saginaw Bay Underwriters’ unique, four-step approach to help you design and implement an Employee Benefit Plan that makes your business stronger. 

That means designing a plan that’s:

We do this through careful planning that matches your needs with the changing healthcare environment. 

It all starts as we Discover everything we can about your business and your employees. That helps us understand the environment in which you compete for employees – and balances those needs against your financial resources.  
We use a unique benchmarking survey to show how your benefits compare to others in your business sector and your region.   Our team then works to Design an integrated plan that supports your business goals while being cost effective and competitive.

Working together we then Implement the plan which includes both insurance coverages and Integrated SolutionsTM.

Once implemented, we continuously Monitor and adjust the plan to stay current with changing benefit and economic trends.

We provide The Clear AdvantageTM for large and small businesses in a wide variety of services and industries, including:

The Clear AdvantageTM can make your business more competitive, as well. To learn more, contact us.