Clear AdvantageThe Clear AdvantageTM for Business Insurance

The Clear AdvantageTM is Saginaw Bay Underwriters’ unique, four-step approach to reducing your risk – and improving profitability.

It means designing and implementing a plan centered around proactive risk management which will reduce overall cost of risk and make you more attractive to the insurance marketplace. 

We start by learning all we can about your business. This helps us Discover new ways to look at – and reduce – risk.

The next step is to use the information we gathered to Design a plan using integrated solutions to reduce your overall cost. 
Working together, we then Implement the plan, which includes both insurance coverage and integrated solutions.

Once implemented, we continuously Monitor and adjust the plan to stay current with your changing business needs. 

We provide The Clear AdvantageTM for large and small businesses in a wide variety of services and industries, including:

The Clear AdvantageTM can make your business more competitive, as well. To learn more, contact us.