Eight Traits of Great Managers [infographic]
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February 25, 2019
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March 13, 2019

Eight Traits of Great Managers [infographic]

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Over the years, we’ve learned quite a few things about what makes managers effective.

Regardless of the size or type of a business or organization, experience, research, and insight into best practices indicate that there are eight fundamental traits when it comes to being a great leader of people:

1. A great manager creates and empowers a team

Good leaders have their hand in all aspects of their team, including choosing who is a part of it. Once that team is formed, delegation and trust is vital.

2. A great manager has a clear vision for the team

Even if a team has the right people and is empowered to act, it still needs to know its ultimate goal. Leadership means, first and foremost, being “in the front” and knowing the way.

3. A great manager is a good coach

The improvement of each team member should be among a manager’s primary goals. Good coaching in a workplace looks mainly like good coaching on a field or a court: Emphasizing and celebrating strengths, identifying and helping eliminate weaknesses.

4. A great manager has key technical skills

Team members need to know their manager has the technical knowledge and abilities needed to truly understand the tasks of the team, communicate about them effectively and participate if needed.

5. A great manager is a strong decision maker

When it comes down to it, the team leader has the final say so. Making a decision firmly and decisively is a skill, but it’s a necessary one for managers.

6. A great manager communicates and collaborates

Research continues to demonstrate that communication is a vital workplace “soft skill” in general. Especially for a manager, communicating and collaborating with a team effectively is essential.

7. A great manager is productive and results-oriented

A team needs to get things done. A good manager makes sure the team is meeting deadlines, accomplishing goals and producing desired results.

8. A great manager supports career development

A leader is a good coach, but on an even broader level, they’re a good mentor – seeing the big picture of a person’s overall career, and being intentional about helping that person live up to their potential.

Making the Complex Simple

Workplace culture matters and leadership drives culture. With the right approach, great managers can make a huge impact for their company or organization.

See those eight fundamental traits again below in a helpful infographic:

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