Fascinating Life Insurance Stats [infographic]
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March 7, 2019
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March 26, 2019

Fascinating Life Insurance Stats [infographic]

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Ongoing studies into people’s perceptions of life insurance continue to paint a vivid picture.

For the most part, people understand their need for life insurance, with 20% feeling they do not have enough. Because of this need, half of all adults looked into life insurance online in the past year.

However, many people remain confused about the cost of life insurance, particularly millennials, who overestimate the cost at five times the actual amount. Policy specifics – like whether a physical examination is required – are also a concern for many.

Making the Complex Simple

The good thing about perceptions is, where they’re incomplete or inaccurate, they can be changed.

The fact is that life insurance can be simple and affordable.

See the infographic below for five fascinating life insurance stats:

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