Preparing a Last Will & Testament? Do These Two Things
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November 8, 2018
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Preparing a Last Will & Testament? Do These Two Things

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Is it time to prepare your will?


You could spend a lot of time Googling how it’s done and try to take care of it yourself, but the fact is that wills can be complex. If there’s anything you want to make sure is done correctly – for the sake of your loved ones – it’s your last will and testament.


Turns out, there are just two things you need to do.


1. Seek the help of an attorney

An improperly constructed will may miss things it shouldn’t. It’s also easier to contest. A qualified attorney can help you avoid these problems and navigate issues like these:


•  Estate laws and last will and testament formatting guidelines


•  How your life insurance figures into the equation


•  Choosing beneficiaries, especially if ex-spouses and children from an extended family or prior relationship are involved


•  Ensuring that items of value – such as family heirlooms – go to the beneficiaries you choose


•  Appointing guardians for children


•  Selecting witnesses and notarizing


•  Appointing and compensating the right executor, and making sure that person knows the safe place you’re keeping the will


2. Make sure you keep your will updated

Again, an attorney can help with this. Large life changes – a marriage or divorce, a new child, etc. – always need to be taken into account when it comes to your last will and testament.


For more information, see “11 tips for preparing your last will and testament.”


Contact Saginaw Bay Underwriters for help with your last will and testament, life insurance or anything else related to your insurance decisions.



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