Report: Most Worksites Violating OSHA’s Electronic Reporting Rule
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Report: Most Worksites Violating OSHA’s Electronic Reporting Rule

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Bloomberg Environment recently released a report that included some startling statistics related to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reporting:


•  Nearly 200,000 worksites did not electronically submit their 2016 OSHA Form 300A (Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses) information by the Dec. 31, 2017, deadline.


•  OSHA anticipated 350,000 of these electronic submissions, but received just over 150,000.


•  Additionally, 61,000 worksites not required to electronically report did so anyway.


Bloomberg Environment reported that lack of understanding and/or communication appears to be the reason for lack of compliance.


OSHA can inspect worksites for electronic reporting violations until June 15. Non-compliance could result in an other-than-serious violation citation, with a maximum penalty of $12,934. Those who can show good faith efforts at compliance may avoid this citation.


For more information, see “Most Employers Failed to Comply With Federal Injury Reporting Rule” and “Majority of worksites could be violating OSHA’s electronic record-keeping rule.”



What do I need to know about OSHA reporting right now?

In 2018, establishments with 250 or more employees who are currently required keep OSHA records will be required to electronically submit information from their 2017 OSHA Form 300A.


This electronic reporting requirement must also be met by covered establishments in certain industries with 20-249 employees. The list of certain industries includes construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade and dozens more.


The deadline for electronically submitting 2017 data is July 1, 2018.


Beginning in 2019 and for every year thereafter, the same above electronic reporting requirements must be met by March 2 of that year.


In the future, establishments with 250 or more employees may also be required to electronically submit information from OSHA Forms 300 (Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses) and 301 (Injury and Illness Incident Report), though at the time of this posting, this is not a requirement.


OSHA has provided a secure website – – for electronic reporting, which can be done via a web form, uploaded CSV file or automated recordkeeping system.


Contact Saginaw Bay Underwriters to learn about a solution we can provide. It not only makes electronic reporting to OSHA simpler by creating an uploadable CSV file to avoid manual entry, but also:


•  Creates workers’ compensation first report of injury


•  Tracks dart rate, OSHA incident rate, severity rate and lost time case rate


•  Allows you to track “near misses,” so you can avoid future injuries




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