Stop Distracted Driving With These Three Simple Tips [resources & infographic]
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November 19, 2020
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December 2, 2020

Stop Distracted Driving With These Three Simple Tips [resources & infographic]

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Distracted driving continues to be one of the most significant dangers to drivers in recent years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there were 2,841 distracted driving-related deaths in the United States in 2018. For perspective, that amounts to nearly 8% of crash fatalities that year.

However, by being mindful of this danger and making a point to avoid distracted driving using strategies, we can reduce our risk significantly. Here are three simple tips that will help.

Three Simple Tips

1. Stay off the phone

While many believe they’re capable of texting while driving, or even scrolling social media while driving, no one truly is. More than 22,000 people have died in crashes involving distracted driving since 2012 and data indicates that texting is the biggest distraction.

The simple solution is to turn your phone off, or at least set it aside. If need be, you can always pull over to check it in case of something urgent.

2. Pick a “designated texter”

Many drivers need their phones while behind the wheel in the vehicle – to check directions, message people about appointments, etc.

That’s okay! Simply select a passenger to be your “designated texter.” This person can operate the phone for whatever is needed, while you focus on the road.

3. Avoid other common distractions

Though phones are definitely a major contributor to the distracted driving problem, there are others. Eating or drinking while driving, checking a GPS device, applying makeup, reaching for items inside the vehicle – all of these and others can lead to danger.

It pays to keep these distractions in mind and avoid them whenever possible.

What about business owners? Are there any other distracted driving resources?

Businesses also need to contend with the risk of distracted driving, though the issue is a bit more complex when fleets and on-the-clock drivers are involved.

If you’re a business owner, please see these helpful resources from our blog:

“Lessons for Businesses from Recent Distracted Driving Research”

“Distracted Driving & Liability for Businesses”

For even more information – for business owners or otherwise – please see:

The NHTSA Distracted Driving Resource Page

“Facts About Distracted Driving” – a video from Cincinnati Insurance

Making the Complex Simple

Distracted driving is a serious problem. With good information and avoidance strategies like the tips in the following infographic, you can reduce your risk.

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