Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2017 & How to Avoid Them
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November 2, 2017
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Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2017 & How to Avoid Them

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently released its preliminary list of most frequently cited workplace safety violations for fiscal year 2017.


Patrick Kapust, deputy director of OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs, presented the information at the 2017 National Safety Council Congress & Expo – billed as “the world’s largest annual gathering of safety professionals.”


As of September 5, 2017, the top 10 most frequently cited violations were:


  Violation OSHA Standard
1 Fall Protection – General Requirements 1926.501
2 Hazard Communication 1910.1200
3 Scaffolding 1926.451
4 Respiratory Protection 1910.134
5 Lockout/Tagout 1910.147
6 Ladders 1926.1053
7 Powered Industrial Trucks 1910.178
8 Machine Guarding 1910.212
9 Fall Protection – Training Requirements 1926.503
10 Electrical – Wiring Methods 1910.305


Why is information like this valuable to employers?


Most importantly, as National Safety Council President and CEO Deborah A.P. Hersman put it:


The OSHA Top 10 is more than just a list, it is a blueprint for keeping workers safe. When we all work together to address hazards, we can do the best job possible to ensure employees go home safely each day.


From an overall risk management perspective, understanding the risk faced by workers and designing programs to prevent losses helps lower risk and the associated cost.


Additionally, if and when your worksite is visited by OSHA representatives, knowing some “hot buttons” they are looking for can help in terms of knowing the hazards they may focus on.



How can employers stay OSHA compliant?


•  Make sure management and employees are committed to safety and involved in creating a safety culture


•  Continually analyze your worksite for existing and potential hazards


•  Institute and maintain methods to prevent and control hazards


•  Train your workforce to understand and deal with worksite hazards


•  Enlist help from risk advisors and safety experts



For more information, see  “OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2017 revealed at National Safety Council Congress & Expo” and “OSHA Violations: The high cost of non-compliance.”


Contact Saginaw Bay Underwriters for more information about OSHA and other regulations, and ways we can help you with workplace safety.



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